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Our History

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Liaison Officer

SPELADD is lucky to have a Liaison Officer in place based in the office to provide a free service to our community of schools, agencies, tutors, clients etc.

The Liaison Officer may attend meetings with schools and agencies to discuss SPELADD support and services and provide an evaluation of the school or agency’s needs, building and growing relationships.

The Liaison Officer may also attend parental meetings to thoroughly breakdown of the assessment findings, assess their needs, provide additional information and tools or links with other agencies.

Office Manager

For many, the Office manager will be your initial and follow-up point of contact. The Office Manager will book in the assessments, taking details and providing an overview of what will take place. The Office Manager can assist with any follow-up meetings, advise on any third-parties or making contact with tutors for you.

The Office Manager will be responsible for all the communications you receive relating to SPELADD.


Since 1977 our President, Elizabeth Manson, has been involved with SLDs. On 8 June 1999 Elizabeth started SPELADD to include those learners with ADD. Since then, she has seen 2289 clients receive support. Elizabeth remains an active volunteer and can often be found in the office. Elizabeth has reviewed every assessment that has passed through the office, and still attends every meeting with parents to discuss the report findings.

Our President is our SLD guru! With almost 50 years of knowledge, nothing is new, previous examples will be remembered and useful, supportive advice is given.

Elizabeth is also responsible for training of all SPELADDs tutors over the years, and has sat on the committee in a variety of roles.

“SPELADD looks at the whole person, from what they eat to how they move, feel, hear and see and how they cope with learning and developing their self-esteem and social skills. All these improved abilities for the child, and parents learning advocacy skills, means a happier family and a happier community”.

In the last 12 months we have received grants from:

Milverton Trust

Arthur Hopwood Charitable Trust