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Here at SPELADD, we have tutors specially trained in remediating Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs). They are available to help with any of the recommended interventions contained in your report.

They offer one on one tutoring in the home, at school or in a public place such as the library or the SPELADD offices. A fee is charged by the tutor and will be arranged at the time of engagement. This is a contract between the client and the tutor. A one hour lesson will cost up to $60. Clients holding a valid Community Services Card or Full-time Student card may be eligible for subsidised lessons.

“I have been a tutor for 5 and a half years. I always wanted to teach and went to Teachers College after 30+ years of engineering. I found that I prefer one-on-one teaching to classroom teaching so tutoring for SPELADD suits me. I like working with kids and quickly build a good rapport with them.

The most rewarding moments are when you hear of your student’s achievements. A few months ago, I saw my first ever student, who is now 6ft (1.82cm) and in year 12 and doing very well. After the first 6 months of our sessions, his mum had told me he received a certificate at school for the most improved student.”
“I become a tutor because I worked with ESOL and students with multiple needs in my classes. My focus has been on teaching English as a second language but now working with learning needs has provided a new direction and challenge.

Whilst seeing student progress is rewarding, the other rewarding aspect is working with students that are trying their hardest to achieve goals. Seeing the students pleasure in their growth is the most rewarding aspect of tutoring.”